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Italian Jewelry


Tradition Meets Modernity

Experience the “Madrepora” collection, where classic goldsmithing artistry fuses with modern fashion through the unique use of vintage buttons, echoing the opulence of Italy’s Dolce Vita era.

Vintage Inspiration

Each piece celebrates a distinct 1900s vintage button, reimagined in various hues to represent luxury, elegance, and bold personality, mirroring the artistic vibrancy of the period.

” The stars are mother-of-pearl buttons, and the evening dresses in velvet “

Dino Campana

Inclusive Elegance

Central to the collection is a gender-fluid, detail-rich 925 silver ring, offering versatility and inclusivity. This signature piece reflects the collection’s ethos of style fluidity and personal expression.

Diverse Bijoux Collection

Expand your exploration with an array of exquisite bijoux within the “Madrepora” line. Every item features the unique button motif, blending intricate craftsmanship with a touch of fashion-forward creativity.